boolab is a production house dedicated to motion graphics, animation (2D and 3D) and the development of other visual techniques, both traditional and cutting or bleeding edge. It came into being in 2004 within the framework of Booker, an advertising production house in the field of live-action, founded in 1996. Initially, boolab was envisaged as an in-house lab for research into new audiovisual languages, but it soon set its sights beyond the company walls. Success was not long in coming, and it rapidly developed into what it is today - a production house that is a benchmark in audiovisual innovation throughout Spain and Europe.


Since 2008, boolab has appeared in the top-twenty listing of the best motion design production companies in the world published by Motionographer, a website which serves as an international benchmark for the sector. In 2009 the company delved into a new area of research and creation with Visual Experiences, which debuted with the creation of the interactive and audiovisual contents for the new Roca corporate showroom in Barcelona.


In the market, boolab stands out among the crowd. On one hand, thanks to its fourteen years in the business, it has a broad perspective of the production and advertising sector, setting it apart from the small firms and studios that are so common in the motion graphics world. On the other hand, it is endorsed by six years of concentrated research into animation and motion-graphic techniques, backed by long list of projects carried out with the highest quality standards, setting it apart from the large production companies that barely touch new visual languages and the reality of their production. The characteristic feature of each and every boolab project is the combination of high levels of artistic development and the constant striving for technological innovation.


boolab is Barcelona-based but its calling is worldwide. In recent years, boolab has undertaken a number of projects in the US market and in European countries such as Germany, Greece, Italy and Portugal. 


boolab exclusively represents seven internationally-renowned directors, each with his own style and language: Bungalow, Danny Ilario, Diogo Kalil, Juan Delcan, Lucas BorrásMartin Allais and Paul Freeth.


In the last six years boolab has worked in the Spanish market with brands such as AgbarAjuntament de Barcelona, Alzheimer Internacional, Autocontrol de la Publicidad, BBVA, Burgo de Arias, Caja Granada,  Camper, Canal Cuatro, CCCB, Cerveceros de España, Coca-Cola, Consell de Ciutat, Dodot, Debolsillo, Elisava, El Liceu, El País, Estrella Levante, Euskaltel, Festival de Sitges, Ford, Freixenet, Fundación Castilla La Mancha Tierra de ViñedosGas Natural, Generalitat de Catalunya, Heineken, Imm Sound, JVC, LG, L’Illa Diagonal, Mahou San Miguel, Martini,Mattel, McDonald's, Ministerio de Economía, Moto GP, Movistar, Nestle, OCB, ONCE, Orange,, Pacha, Peugeot, Playstation, Pilot, Random House Mondadori, Renault, Romantics, SETEM, Telecinco, TV3, Unno, Volkswagen, Vueling, Wanadoo and WWF Adena.


boolab regularly works with the foremost agencies in the Spanish advertising market as well as with a number of internacional agencies and production companies. These include: Bassat Ogilvy, Contrapunto, DDB, DDB SingapurDelvico, Dimensión, Draft FCB, El Laboratorio, Laiguana, Euro RSCG, Euro RSCG Lisboa, Externa Comunicación, Grey, JWTLa Doma, McCann Erickson, Mucho, Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt, Psyop NY, Publicis, Remo, Road, SCPF, Serena, Smäll, Soon in Tokyo, Tapsa, TBWA, TBWA Lisboa, Tiempo BBDO, Villarrosàs, Vitruvio Leo Burnett, Young & Rubicam.


boolab has carried out a number of projects in the international market, including: Adidas (China), ANZ (Singapore), ARD/ZDF (Alemania), Ikea (Portugal),  Ion (Greece), Love without regret (USA),  Millenium BCP (Portugal), Navigon (USA), NBA/ESPN (USA), ON-Telecoms (Greece), Optimus (Portugal), Sears (USA), Slamdance Festival (USA) and We Can Help Us (USA).


boolab has won awards at various creative festivals in Spain, including El Sol and the Laus Awards, and abroad, such as the Cannes Lions Festival, FIAP and the One Show. In 2009 it began to present its work at leading international animation festivals, gaining instant recognition at events such as SIGGRAPH (USA), PrixArs (Austria), Pictoplasma (Germany), Annecy (France) and the HAFF (Holland).


boolab’s work is based on three key points: innovation, quality and passion. With its tools, know-how and systems, which cover all areas of the audiovisual medium, it aspires to be a "room for thought," a place for creative experimentation where everything is possible. It frequently implements R&D programmes and develops its own software for projects, at times collaborating with university centres. It steadfastly refuses to have a style that takes precedence over the style of each of its directors: boolab is conceived as the sum its parts, along with the inspiration they need in order to develop. As a result, boolab’s style is multi-faceted, organic, lively, unpredictable and fundamentally open to creative contamination.